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Why does my TV reception get bad at night in Darwin ?

If you get this problem with your TV reception at night, there’s a good chance you live on the edge of the “digital cliff.”
The digital cliff is near the edge of the signal available for your area. And those near the edge of the available signal can get fluctuating reception quality due to changing temperature and weather conditions.
Older antennas may not be suitable to receive digital signals in Darwin, meaning that you may need a new antenna to be installed. Although there are some things you can check at home before you call us to get a new one.
1. Try manually re-tuning your TV to ensure you’re picking up the right signal from the closest broadcast tower
2. Replace the TV aerial fly lead cable with a new one (available at Jaycar, JB Hi Fi, etc)
3. Check that any appliances nearby aren’t causing interference. Heaters and LED lights can do this.
4. Separate the coaxial cable that connects your TV to the antenna point at the wall from other power leads
If all else fails, give us a call on 0439 953 110.

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