Weak WIFI is very common. Lucky there is something you can do about it.

Clear Reception are Darwin’s WIFI boosting experts. Get strong WIFI in your shed, around your hotel, your caravan park or even just to the other end of the house.

Better WIFI at home, in the office, across your property… anywhere in Darwin, Palmerson & the Rural Area!

WiFi boosters in Darwin

That modem from your ISP wasn’t made for what you want to do.

The modem/routers that come from your internet service providers are amongst the cheapest pieces of hardware available anywhere. That’s why your WIFI signal isn’t doing a great job. Today’s homes need better.

Wifi Switch installation and configuration in Darwin

The modern home has between 12 and 80 connected devices.

Wonder why your WIFI isn’t coping as well as it did a few years ago? Count the number of devices that are connected at any one time these days. All the phones, watches, TVs, computers, tablets, security systems and more.

WiFi repeater sales and installation in Darwin

WIFI to reach the back shed, the front room and everything in between.

Today’s repeaters, extenders and mesh router systems deliver superior full-speed WIFI from a base station to wherever you need to get a connection to. So if you’ve got a big property, we can help get you connected again.

Indoor and outdoor Wifi extender installation in Darwin

Our outdoors lifestyle deserves a solid connection too.

Glass, walls, metal roofs, wire mesh and all kinds of barriers are slowing you down when you’re outside. An outdoor repeater ensures your connection goes uninterruped when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Better WIFI is available to almost every Darwin home, office or shed.

Clear Reception installs WIFI extender, booster and repeater systems right across Darwin, Palmerston and the Rural Area.

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