Home office set up

How to build a productive home office in Darwin.

Every workplace worries that shifting their staff to a work-from-home arrangement will lead to a loss of productivity. However, this is usually the opposite of what really happens.

The one trap that the new work-from-home staff member finds, is that things just don’t work quite the way they hoped it would. Printers don’t connect. Files don’t back-up automatically. The internet connection is unreliable. Things just aren’t quite right.

All that additional productivity and flexibility turns into a nightmare of tech support calls and Zoom videos where a frustrated worker is dealing with an equally frustrated support rep who once could just simply drop around to you desk.

Having a proper home office set up can make all the difference to your work at home. The right computer. A reliable network connection. Cyber security and backups. A printer that actually prints. It all leads to a more satisfying and comfortable workplace that works just like it does at the office.

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You don’t have to put up with an unproductive home office in Darwin.

Clear Reception installs better home offices right across Darwin, Palmerston and the Top End Rural Area.

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