It might not be your internet service provider

How to fix bad WIFI and internet connection in Darwin

If your internet connection feels really patchy and slow, even if you’re on NBN, then it might not be your internet service provider that is the problem.

It could just as easily be the modem/router that they sent you to connect to them.

You see, the modems that are sent to households from internet service providers are great as modems, but they’re not so great at WIFI. In fact, most of them are really only powered to deliver WIFI to a couple of rooms in the average house.

This can be fixed by getting your own WIFI router from retailers such as Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi or other computer-related retailers. However you should know what you’re getting, and how this may affect just how far your new WIFI signal will be able to go.

While the impressive-looking units with crab-like design and a lot of additional antennas appear to be what. you’re after, it may be a WIFI extender system, or mesh WIFI system that will carry your signal along much wider or longer properties – even allowing you to carry WIFI across an acreage to a shed or granny flat.

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You don’t usually have to put up with bad internet in Darwin.

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