Improve mobile reception

Can I get a better mobile signal legally in Darwin?

If you work inside a home or office that is not too great for indoor mobile reception, there is some good news. 4G signal boosters are now available, and if they’re used correctly, they can boost your 4G signal inside your home or workplace. 

For a long time, mobile signal boosters were illegal as they potentially caused issues on Australian mobile networks. Now the technology has improved and all the carriers have approved the use of some kinds of boosters.

The problem with many of these products is that they are difficult to get them set up correctly, and they, frankly, don’t always work the way you hope they will.

The biggest issue is that a signal booster still actually needs some signal to work with in order to boost it. That seems pretty obvious, right? You’d be surprised how few people consider this before spending tonnes of money on a solution that has no hope of getting them a more reliable connection to Netflix on their iPhone.

You also need to ensure that the signal booster you get is not just legal, but suited to your particular mobile network. An Optus device will not work with Telstra or Vodafone, and vice versa.


You don’t necessarily have to put up with bad phone reception in Darwin.

Clear Reception installs mobile network boosters right across Darwin, Palmerston and the Top End Rural Area.

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