Improve TV reception

My TV reception in Darwin was fine. Why is it suddenly so bad??

If your reception has been good but has then suddenly gone bad, then this could mean there have been some unexpected changes to the quality of the signal itself. These changes can happen if the physical location of your antenna is changed by accident or deliberately by yourself or someone else who has been working on your roof, strong Top End storm season winds or any amount of possible water damage from wet season rains. Even lightning strikes, although rare on TV antennas in Darwin, can cause major problems with TV reception. If you’ve had work done on your roof, a resealing of your roof tiles, recent solar installations or even if you are running many household TVs at the same time from this one antenna, you may strike some problems on one or all of them.

The first thing you should do is check to see if the antenna is still there, still upright, and doesn’t look damaged. Most of us never notice our antenna, so don’t tend to notice if something has changed with it.

Another quick tip is to check for rusty wall plates, corroded or damaged cables and fly leads. Any of these can be causing you grief when it comes to watching the cricket or footy.

If nothing obvious is coming to mind, then it’s time to call in someone to check that your antenna is functioning and that any signal boosters are still in working order. This means using a professional TV signal expert who can check your signal field strength and who can then make any changes, repairs or adjustments to get you back to watching what you want to watch.

You don’t usually have to put up with TV reception in Darwin.

Clear Reception installs better TV reception right across Darwin, Palmerston and the Top End Rural Area.

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