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Does a signal booster improve TV reception in Darwin?

Signal boosters for your poor TV reception are a great option for when the TV signal to your home or office is weak. But there are times when a signal booster can actually cause more problems than it solves.

The world is full of radio waves. TV stations, radio stations, CB radio, mobile phone signals and all manner of wireless communication uses some kind of radio wave or another. And some of these broadcast uncomfortably close to the same frequencies that TV stations broadcast at. So much so, that the wrong booster can boost a lot of the signals from other sources. Not just the ones you’re trying to boost. And that means some rather interesting interference.

This is particularly common in Australia where 4G signals are very close in frequency to TV station frequencies.

Before going and investing in a booster, it’s a good idea to first understand the nature of your reception issues. A professional antenna installer is also a professional signal reader. They can take readings at all the right places to see what the nature of the signal at your place is before you dive in and make an expensive assumption about whether an amplifier is required, and whether it will just make matters worse.

Before you make an assumption, ask us about the best options for your TV reception in Darwin.

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